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A crown is used to restore a tooth that has been deteriorated  due to an extensive cavity, a minor fracture or to protect the tooth following a root canal therapy.
A crown ressembles  a cap that covers the tooth, improving the esthetic of the tooth as well as the masticatory function.

With conventionnal dentistry, making a crown requires several appointements for one tooth.

We have recently aquired E4D technology wich greatly simplifies the intervention allowing us to complete the dental restauration in 1 appointment.

Concretly, the E4D technology is a computer assisted ceramic restauration which allows the dentist to scan the prepped tooth in your mouth, to virtually design and create the final restauration and to send the information to a milling unit which precisely mills and creates your crown or incrustation in a few minutes.

Once the E4D computer assisted restauration is finished your dentist will adjust it, caractarise it and finish it. The crown is now ready to be cemented in the same appointement.

Picture before and after with a crown

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